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Ft. Mill Rescue

As the organization that continues to set the standard for patient care in York County, we can operate up to 3 advanced life support ambulances, 1 rescue/rehab 24' trailer, 1 boat, and 1 quick response vehicle. We are staffed with 3 full time paramedics, a few part time medics, and over 50 active volunteers which include EMT-Basics, EMT-Intermediates, and EMT-Paramedics. We operate two stations, one in downtown Fort Mill (which houses our backup equipment, ambulances and supplies) and a second station operated in conjunction with Flint Hill Fire Department located on Pleasant Road (which is currently staffed 24 hours a day).

If you would like for us to provide EMS coverage at your event or would like us to provide safety-related training to you and your organization, please contact us to make arrangements.

Our efforts to provide quality EMS coverage and community service have earned us two state awards in 2002. We received the S.C. 2002 Small System of the Year award (our second time receiving this award) as well as the 2002 PIER award for Public Information and Education. We could not achieve this without our dedicated volunteers and continuous support from the community.


Fort Mill Rescue is an independent, non-profit organization. The primary source of income is derived from billing for EMS transport to medical facilities. Our charges are targeted to be lower than other agencies charge for the same services.

The second key source of income comes from public support in the form of donations we recieve. We have an two letter drives each year.

All revenues are used to pay operational and capital expenses. Funds remaining after expenses are put back into the organization as directed by Fort Mill Rescue's Board of Directors.

Medical Standby for Events

Fort Mill Rescue is dedicated to helping out the Fort Mill Community. One way we can do this it to provide medical standby for community and school events. A medical standby involves certified EMT(s) along with medical equipment. A medical standby can be defined by one of the following levels:

  • BLS 'Single' Standby - One certified EMT (Basic or Intermediate level) with AED, medical gear, and our Emergency Response SUV
  • ALS 'Single' Standby - One certified EMT Paramedic with AED, Medical gear, and our Emergency Response SUV
  • BLS Ambulance Standby - Two certified EMTs with Advance Life Support Ambulance
  • ALS Ambulance Standby - Two certified EMTs (At least one Paramedic level) with Advanced Life Support Ambulance

If the Medical Standby is for a non-profit, eductional, or Fort Mill town sponsored event, there is no charge for this service. We would ask for a donation of your choice to Fort Mill Rescue to help us cover the costs of fuel and supplies.

Fort Mill Rescue Squad Officers

Director: Tim McMichael
Asst Director: Ray Bleau
Officer: Eli Patterson
Officer: Brian Kelsey
Training Director: Tim McMichael
QA Director: Lynn Lawson
Secretary: Lisa Crimminger
Member Board Reps: Ray Bleau, Brian Kelsey, Terry Cook

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